Design Catamarans is run by Andrew Craig, who had his own first steel catamaran (Gemini) built in 1989, as a commercial fishing vessel which he skippered. Andrew decided on this move away from more traditional fishing vessels, as he suffered with a bad back and legs which affected his balance, so he wanted to improve life at sea with a vessel which offered far greater stability and reduced rolling. At the time, there was very little knowledge to source from, of construction, design and the performance of catamarans, as there were very few catamarans operating in Europe, so this proved to be a very steep learning curve, as once completed, this vessel was overweight and slammed badly on the bridge deck when heading into seas, although it was a very good sea boat in beam-on and in following seas. Andrew decided to try and rectify the slamming, as apart from this problem, she was a huge improvement on all traditional mono-hull designs, with vastly increased working deck area and sea keeping capabilities.

Over the next 5 years, the Gemini effectively became a working R&D program, when possible between trips, this included making and trying various pods fitted to the underside of the bridge deck, bulbous bows and hydrofoils, which eventually resulted in stopping all slamming when heading into big seas, increased speed by 1.5 knots and reduced fuel consumption. One of the many lessons learnt during this time, was that many of the standard rules used by naval architects, when designing mono-hulls, do not apply to catamarans and can have a detrimental effect on the design, making the vessel perform badly.

In 1997 after having a spinal operation, Andrew had to come ashore on medical grounds and while convalescing designed the Gemini range of catamarans. In 1999 the company Gemini Workboats was formed, derelict buildings suitable for production were refurbished and production started, after completing the plugs and GRP moulds. Unfortunately, this business, along with many other UK boat yards, had to close in 2010 due to the UK fisheries quota system.

To date over 150 catamarans of between 7m and 16m have been designed and built by Andrew, and Design Catamarans Ltd are now able to offer designs in steel and aluminium to suit almost every marine application.

The benefits of purchasing a design from Design Catamarans Ltd, after decades of studying catamaran hull shape performance, research and development, design and production, this company specialises in designing catamarans, and nothing else. Design Catamarans Ltd can offer a full set of drawings comprising

  • General Arrangement drawings

  • line plans

  • build construction drawings

  • profile plate cutting plans


for steel and aluminium builds, to suit each client’s individual requirements. All drawings will have been certified by the Seafish Marine Survey Department, or other required assigning authority.

Achieving certification for new one-off designs can be very expensive. As a specialist in catamaran design we are able to significantly reduce this cost.

Please note.
It is now a legal requirement for all assigning authorities, to gain the designers authorisation, before any new vessel build may commence. © Design Catamarans Ltd.

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Design Catamaran 10m - 70m

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